About Us

PaintPott was created from the desire to be able to paint pottery in a peaceful and leisurely way, with no time limits, no loud busy studios and with all the equipment needed to produce a beautifully painted piece of pottery. We wanted to take all of the best parts of Pottery Painting Studios, add a little finesse and throw in some top notch customer service, to create the ultimate creative activity for your home.

Not only could it be for those looking to paint for anxiety, peace or creativity, it could be great for home parties for kids. A great activity for them to do in the holidays where you don't have to venture too far to your local studio only to find it fully booked for two weeks solid.

Or the first time parent who'd love to have their newborn baby's footprints as a keepsake but couldn't dream of leaving the house just yet. 

Or for a calmer Hen Party, where you paint according to the Bride's theme and have a keepsake from the greatest weekend ever.

The possibilities are endless.

In 2020, that desire became a reality and in the summer of a pandemic (ouch) we launched PaintPott a couple months later than planned. We have had the most amazing customers, feedback and incredible artwork since the beginning, each new week is so exciting to see where we’ll be delivering to next, what you’ll paint and how beautifully the pieces will look once glazed in our Studio Kiln Betty (yes we named our Kiln).

Who are we?

PaintPott is a family run business, with Becki as our CEO and Chief Pottery expert.


Becki has been a customer of Pottery Painting Studios for over 10 years and also runs an Illustration business. You could say being creative is her superpower, she’d deny that though, Becki loves nothing more than whiling away the hours drawing, painting or more recently, getting others involved in finding creativity and how it can really calm the mind and relax the body.

The 5 most important things to us for our business are:

Creativity – we want our customers to find their inner artist and have fun being creative, imaginative and artistic.

Eco Conscious – we run our business as eco friendly as possible, with an aim to get an electric delivery vehicle within the next 5 years.

Customer Focus/Convenience – our services are designed with our customers in mind, we want you to have fun and not worry about anything, we’ll take care of it all for you.

Quality – each Rental Kit is produced to a high quality finish, from the products themselves to the contents of each box.

Mindful – giving you 24 hours of Pottery Painting rental in the comfort of your home so you can relax and paint peacefully.

We offer a stress free, high quality and wholesome alternative to Pottery Painting, all conveniently delivered to your door in a fully kitted out box. No rush, no compromise, all creative fun.

So now you’ve got to know a bit more about us, let’s get to know you… 

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