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August at PaintPott

The Summer Holidays are here! The perfect time for some Pottery Painting fun delivered to you or swing by one of our Pop Up events. For the Summer babies, a Pottery Painting Party is a great way to celebrate with friends & family of all ages at a venue of your choice. Book a rental kit, keep it for 24 hours and celebrate another year on this big green blob! Or perhaps book a creative activity for the Bride to be, it's a great activity to kick off celebrations that kids and Nans can join in with too. Events in August:3rd August at The Mercantile Flea 10:30-3:30pm (closing at 4:30pm)10th August at The Mercantile Flea 10:30-3:30pm (closing at 4:30pm)17th August at...

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How to use Prints in Pottery

Looking to create lasting memories with your kids, pets or loved ones? Prints are a great way to do this, from doing hand and foot print baubles from when they were babies to creating a family tree artwork with everyone from your family. Our paints are non toxic and easily cleaned off, so you can be sure to create brilliant artwork safely. Watch this video to learn how to do prints at home yourself...  

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Halloween Inspiration

Halloween is coming, the perfect time to create some spooky decorations that you can show off every October! So grab your best friends, get a Halloween Painting Party ready and paint something creepy. Here’s some inspiration for you… https://pin.it/7uSmeCK

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Paint your own Bauble Tutorial

Homemade Baubles are the most beautiful part of the family Christmas tree, this design is a cute and sparkly simple design that could be used as an example, with loved ones names in place of the year. Find the video tutorial below...  

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